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    About D'iLash

    Who We Are

    Established in 2017, D’iLash Company is passionate about providing one of a kind eyelash extensions services, training and superior quality eyelash products to all of our clients, customers, and fellow lash artist.

    The Founder


    Dominique Ashton, a licensed cosmetologist who is committed to giving women the look they begin to love with just a little enhancement of the Lash. Dominique has been in the beauty industry throughout her entire life and has been lashing for 8 of those years. When she was young, she would accompany her mother to her hair salon and watch how women walked out looking beautiful and with a boosted confidence. Following in her mothers footsteps was only natural but she didn't share the same passion for hair styling. So her journey to being a lash enthusiast came to light when she started working for the largest eyelash extensions franchise in the US, Amazing Lash. In her role as an eyelash extension specialist, Dominique aimed to be the best. She was committed to offering exceptional results and care. For this reason, she helped the franchise improve its sales and revenue. Since then, Dominique has continued to deliver outstanding eyelash extensions services to her clients at D'iLash Room.

    What We Do

    At D’iLash Company, we undeniably understand that, just like the clothes and makeup you wear, well eyelash extensions are cardinal in enhancing one’s natural beauty. Eyelash extensions give one a more youthful and awake appearance. Again, wearing them saves time that would otherwise be used to do makeup. By leveraging our professionalism and extensive experience, we strive to apply long-lasting and natural-looking extensions that exceed your expectations. We seek to be your elegant retreat for high-quality eyelash extensions services by remaining affordable and prioritizing quality.

    D’iLash Company is a one-stop-shop for a wide portfolio of premium quality and professional products that will allow you to be innovative and deliver the best extensions. To ensure our customers have the best shopping experience, we only stock long-lasting products from the world’s most reputable brands and vendors.

    Besides eyelash extensions services and professional products, D’iLash Company is an industry leader providing top-class eyelash extensions training. We boast of having highly skilled trainers who are ready to get you trained and certified as a great eyelash extensions stylist.

    Contact us today for amazing offers on our products and services.

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to enhance self-confidence and beauty in women by leveraging our expertise and experience to provide premium quality eyelash extensions services, professional products, and training at affordable prices.

    Vision Statement

    Our vision is to be recognized worldwide as the most convenient cosmetic brand that offers affordable and premium quality eyelash extensions services, products and training.