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    Currently, we do not accept orders outside the United States. However, we hope soon we will expand our operations and sell our products worldwide.

    Kindly check our terms and conditions for the return policy. You can also contact us via info@dilashcompany.com for more inquiries.

    The durations of our modules depend on the trainee’s availability. We are flexible to change approach to suit their preferences and interests. Overall, training will take up to 2 weeks.

    Check out our Contact Us page for our physical address. We are also available online for order placement and online training.

    Just likewearing make-up or clothes, eyelash extensions cardinal in enhancing yourbeauty and self-confidence. They make your eyelashes look long and thick butalso more natural. At D’iLash Company,our eyelash extensions servicesare customized depending on the customers' preferences and eyelash shape,length and size. Our eyelash extensions are perfect for any occasion.

    Depending on the curl, overall, our eyelash extensions can last between three and five weeks

    Our adhesives are latex-free. As such, they are safe for sensitive eyes and skin. However, we recommend you discuss with our stylists if you have any skin allergies resulting from skincare products.

    With proper application, people will not notice when you are wearing D’iLash eyelash extensions. However, rest assured they will notice you look more gorgeous and confident.


    Yes. We use a strong adhesive that is waterproof and can last up to 5 weeks. However, we recommend avoiding keeping your extensions wet or mist for long.


    Our team is committed to ensuring they provide high-quality eyelash extension services. It is your responsibility of improving retention by using recommended after care procedures and products as it is directed by your stylist.

    We encourage our customers to share their excitement and satisfaction with their peers. Contact us via nfo@dilashcompany.com for wholesale inquiries.