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    Welcome to D’iLash Company,your perfect choice for ultimate eyelash extensions services, professional products and training. We are determined to ensure you have complete satisfaction at affordable prices coupled with convenience. Our staff are highly trained and experienced in transforming your eyelashes look thicker and more natural. With us, rest assured you will stand out from the crowd. Our eyelash extensions training is tailored to transforming you into a renowned stylist and aesthetician. 

    Who We Are

    Established in2017, D’iLash Company is passionate aboutproviding one of a kind eyelashextensions services, training and professional eyelash products to women agedbetween 18 and 50 years in Houston, TX and across the United States. We striveto enhance our customers’ beauty and boost their self-confidence.

    The Founder

    D’iLashCompany was founded by Dnique, a licensed cosmetologist who is committedto giving women the look their love. She prides on offering eyelash servicesfor over seven years. Dniquehas been in the beauty industry throughouther entire life. When she was young, she could accompany her mother to hersalon and watch how women walked out looking beautiful and amazing. She indulgedherself in learning the art. Her journey to being a beauty enthusiast came tolight when she started working for the largest eyelash extensions franchise inthe US Amazing Lash. In herrole as an aesthetician and stylistDniqueaimedto be the best. She was committed to offering exceptional results and care. Forthis reason, she helped the franchise improve its sales and revenue. Sincethen, Dniquehas continued to deliver outstanding eyelash extensionsservices. She is highly sought out by women beyond Houston, TX.

    What We Do

    At D’iLashCompany, we undeniably understand that, just like the clothes and makeup youwear, well eyelash extensionsare cardinal in enhancing one’s natural beauty.Eyelashextensions give one a more youthful and awake appearance. Again, wearing themsaves time that could otherwise be used to do makeup. By leveraging ourprofessionalism and extensive experience, we strive to apply long-lasting andnatural-looking extensions that exceed your expectations. We seek to be yourelegant retreat for high-quality eyelash extensions services by remainingaffordable and prioritizing quality.

    D’iLashCompany is a one-stop-shop for a wide portfolio of premium quality andprofessional products that will allow you to be innovative and deliver the bestextensions. To ensure our customers have the best shopping experience, we onlystock long-lasting products from the world’s most reputable brands. We alsooffer monthly subscriptions for all our products. 

    Besides eyelashextensions services and professional products, D’iLash Company is an industryleaderproviding top-class eyelash extensions training. We boast of havinghighly skilled trainers who are ready to get you trained and certified as a greateyelash extensionsstylist.

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    Our mission isto enhance self-confidence and beauty in women by leveraging our expertise andexperience to provide premium quality eyelash extensions services, professionalproducts, and training at affordable prices.


    Our vision isto be recognized worldwide as the most convenientcosmetic brand that offersaffordable and premium quality eyelash extensions services, products andtraining.

    Core Values


    At D’iLashCompany, we are a customer-focused cosmetic brand. We strive to listen to theirdesires and provide high-quality eyelash extensions solutions that exceed theirexpectations.


    We prideourselves on having a highly experienced and talented team ready to leverageits professionalism to offer top-class eyelash extensions services, professionalproducts, and training. We are committed to remaining innovative and creatingsolutions that are not only affordable but also enhance our clients’ beauty andconfidence.


    Convenience isour top priority. At D’iLash Company, our approach is rooted in helping womensave time. With our services, you don’t have to spend much time in front of amirror doing make-up. We conveniently enhance your beauty and self-confidence.


    Our trainingis tailored towards giving aestheticians and stylists greater capacity tobecome professional and certified. We value each other, our partners and ourcustomers.


    We seek atrustable and dependable cosmetic brand. We practice honesty and respect ineverything we do. We are transparent and impartial. We demonstrate honor andcourage in all our endeavors. All our engagements comply with the HighestEthical Standards.